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I explore and delineate the origins of consciousness in relationship to everyday life and believe that a primary function of creative instinct is the total transformation of society to benefit all living things.

My inquiries, drawings, spontaneous performance and writings, regard history, semiotics, technology, information theory, skeuomorphs, consensual reality, relational art as survival tactic, design science, situationism, mcluhan, street theater, improvisation, automatic writing, conceptual poetry, west coast counterculture, singularities, mysticism, space/time, art/life dialectics, and the notion that language/money form two ends of an identical thread connecting via symbolic/material exchange.

To explore these interests further, I have spent the last decade working as a self employed artist. My primary income has derived from a performance/literature/business/art piece, composing spontaneous, custom poetry on a manual typewriter, referred to as “poemstore” in multiple exhibitions and media pieces. The practice has been widely imitated, providing a replicatable platform for others to make a living as poets.

I am available to compose typewritten poems at weddings, parties, corporate events and festivals. Inquire for rates.

Contact: poems@zachhouston.com