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My inquiries, drawings, spontaneous performance and writings, regard language,  technology, information theory, skeuomorphs, consensual reality, art as survival tactic, design science, singularities, mysticism, space/time and the origins of consciousness in relationship to everyday life. ∞ ≠ ∞

I am best known for a performance/literature/business/art piece, composing spontaneous, custom poetry on a manual typewriter, referred to as “poemstore” (2005-∞) in multiple exhibitions and media pieces.  Hyper-literate digital society and the relational paradigm in contemporary art merged with  teenage exposure to situationism, mcluhan, “outsider” art, diy punk, street theater, improvisation, automatic writing, conceptual poetry, west coast counterculture, anthropology/history of technology, art/life dialectics, and the notion that language and money form two ends of an identical semiotic thread connecting at their mutual origin: visual sign as an as object of exchange. ∞ ≠ ∞

This poetic overproduction is passively aggregating data to train an artificial intelligence with the cognitive, aesthetic and linguistic apparatus to accurately convey my poetics. ∞ ≠ ∞

Working as professional performance artist fosters unique insights regarding value, meaning, patronage and attention economies, informing a range of consulting services on failures/successes of techno-magical capitalism/guerrilla marketing.  ∞ ≠ ∞

These, in turn, lead to emergent productions of monumental group sculpture, engaging a diverse network of poets, artists, dancers, critical theorists, hacker/makers and activists who believe that a central purpose of creative instinct is the total transformation of society to benefit all living things. ∞≠ ∞

To that end, I am an editor at Timeless Infinite Light, a publishing collective based in Oakland, California and available to compose typewritten poems at private parties, corporate events, and art/music festivals. Inquire for rates. ∞ ≠ ∞

Contact: poems@zachhouston.com